The Law of Service
  • The Law of Service

The Law of Service

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The Light of the Pilgrim: NOTEBOOK Nº4: The Law of Service


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This fourth fascicle takes us into the Law of Service. Gradually discovering that which from the cosmic point of view must be understood as the capacity to serve: The possibility of liberating, through our thoughts, feelings and actions, the Will of the Essence present within us. This Will is the counterpart of our being that adheres unwaveringly to the manifestation of the Law of Service. It seeks to stimulate the levels of our personality and the ego itself in a direct way to extend to our material and human nature counterpart, the capacity and possibility to serve. Our soul fulfils on its own level, which, as the Law of Service, corresponds to its role and state of consciousness. Before closing our karmic learning, those of us who find ourselves incarnated in this planetary transition to the Higher Evolutionary Law must also realize the expression of service that was offered to us according to our evolutionary possibilities and the cosmic destiny to which we are to migrate. The appropriate response and the fidelity with which we seek to manifest the Law of Service will define within the humanity we compose and, in many cases, the condition of redeemability that a certain number of individuals were foreseen to have the opportunity to achieve.