The Law of Purification
  • The Law of Purification

The Law of Purification

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The Light of the Pilgrim: NOTEBOOK Nº3: The Law of Purification


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In this third fascicle, we will delve into the dynamics of that aspect of the Cosmic Law, which allows the removal from a field of consciousness of that which no longer serves its evolutionary process. Particles, beings, universes, planes, levels and dimensions, at certain stages, pass through the action of this aspect of energy: The Law of Purification. We can reject or adhere to what this aspect of the Law proposes as an evolutionary way out. However, we can never prevent its action from freeing us from those burdens that our identification with the forces of matter has installed in the levels that constitute the personality and which we must use as a vehicle. When the ego consciously opens itself to the purifying fires, it consumes certain aspects of its deficient relationship to spiritual laws, and transmutation operates. Thus, the cosmic path begins to reveal itself to those who feed those fires with the useless and illusory that may still be gravitating in their lives.